Elevating Workplace Culture through Insightful Analyses


Our research initiatives delve deep into your workplace dynamics, identifying pivotal metrics crucial for optimising diversity and fostering inclusion.

From starter surveys to comprehensive research options, we offer a spectrum of services tailored to uncover the nuances of your workplace culture. Through meticulous data collection and analysis, we establish baseline metrics that serve as benchmarks for progress. By tracking these metrics over time, we capture shifts and trends, providing invaluable insights to drive ongoing improvement in your organisation’s culture.

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Strategic Insights for Cultivating Inclusive Workplaces

Effective initiatives aimed at enhancing workplace culture and fostering inclusion are most successful when grounded in a research-driven approach. Our commitment to research and development ensures that our initiatives are meticulously crafted to address specific gaps in your workplace culture while harnessing existing strengths and opportunities. By directing resources towards identified areas of need, we maximise the potential for transformative change.

We understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive workplace information. Rest assured, we prioritise the privacy and confidentiality of all data collected through our research efforts. Adhering to the NHMRC Guidelines for research involving human subjects, we ensure that your data remains secure and protected. Our research platform is password-protected, and access is restricted to our dedicated research team.

Upon completion of our research, we provide a comprehensive summary report presented in a de-identified and aggregated format to uphold the integrity of both research participants and your organisation. Explore the research questions addressed in our FAQ page, or contact us today for further information on how we can support your organisation’s journey towards inclusive excellence.

Tailored Research Solutions for Informed Decision-Making

We provide two distinct options for conducting company research: the Starter Option and the Comprehensive Option.

The Starter Option initiates with a comprehensive company-wide survey designed to capture essential diversity metrics and qualitative insights into the state of inclusion within your organisation. Following thorough analysis, the research findings are compiled into a comprehensive report. This report serves as a vital document, offering a detailed snapshot of the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace, thus informing both present and future strategic planning endeavours.

Opting for the Comprehensive Research Package expands upon the Starter Option by incorporating qualitative research components. In addition to the company-wide survey, this package includes individual and group interviews or focus group discussions, to delve deeper into your company culture from the perspectives of your employees. By engaging a diverse sample of employees across departments, teams, and all levels of the company, our qualitative research provides comprehensive insights into various aspects of your workplace culture. This ensures a representative sample that captures the diverse experiences and perspectives within your organisation.

Insights Unveiled: Communicating Research Findings

We facilitate the dissemination of research findings to senior leadership and key stakeholders through an engaging research  presentation. This presentation can be conducted in-person or online, offering a platform to delve into key themes, strengths, and gaps identified within your workplace culture.

Subsequent to the research presentation, we compile a comprehensive report accompanied by the option of a research summary. The comprehensive report encapsulates in-depth insights garnered from the research, while the research summary offers a condensed version suitable for broader distribution across the company.

By sharing key research outcomes, we provide employees with a snapshot of the relevant data obtained through our research efforts, fostering transparency and awareness throughout the organisation.