Our Story

Embark on a journey with Diversity Focus, led by visionary founder Elizabeth Lang, as we foster more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces through research, consulting, and training. 

Diversity Focus emerged from a passionate vision to reshape our world into one that champions justice, equity, and inclusion. With one in two Australians either born overseas or having roots abroad, Australia stands as a beacon of cultural diversity. Yet, this rich tapestry isn’t always reflected in our workplaces, particularly at senior levels where a noticeable lack of diversity persists.

Founded by Elizabeth Lang, a visionary social entrepreneur dedicated to fostering inclusive cultures, Diversity Focus stands as a testament to the belief that transformative change begins with dialogue and consciousness-raising. Elizabeth’s journey, shaped by diverse cultural experiences and a professional background spanning community development, academic teaching, and qualitative research, serves as the cornerstone of our mission.

At Diversity Focus, we are committed to empowering workplaces to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) wholeheartedly. Our approach combines research, strategic consulting, impactful and tailored training to address specific cultural gaps while leveraging strengths and opportunities.

Through our research and development services, we identify critical metrics for optimising diversity and inclusion, ensuring initiatives are tailored to address workplace realities. Our consulting services align company policies and practices with DEI best practices, fostering strategic alignment and relevance. Utilising our research-backed Benchmark survey, we provide direction, goals, and actionable initiatives to support inclusive workforce cultures.

Introducing Our Visionary Founder: Elizabeth Lang

Meet Elizabeth Lang, the visionary force behind Diversity Focus. Infused with a profound dedication to justice and inclusivity, Elizabeth’s influence reverberates across borders. Celebrated as one of the Global 100 Under 40 Most Influential People of African Descent in 2021, she remains at the forefront of shaping dialogues on racial and gender equity.

As an academic luminary, Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Social Science and a Master of Human Rights, with ongoing doctoral studies centered on human rights, racial, and gender equity. Her remarkable journey is adorned with accolades, including the prestigious 2023 Business Migrant Award and her distinction as a state finalist for the esteemed 2024 Telstra Best of Business Award for Accelerating Women.

Elizabeth’s forthcoming book, ‘Wired for Bias’, is a groundbreaking exploration into the intersection of machine bias and racial marginalisation across industries.

Our Vision

To create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Our Mission

To empower people to create equitable and inclusive cultures through research, consulting, and training.

Elizabeth is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Diversity Focus. In her role, she leads efforts to align company policies, procedures, and practices with global diversity, equity, and inclusion benchmarks. Elizabeth is passionate about the power of dialogue in transforming societies and fostering positive social change.

Elizabeth Lang

CEO | Principal Consultant

Sanyulandy Leowalu is the Research Development Officer at Diversity Focus. She developed a passion for training and research through discussions with marginalised communities on various sensitive topics. She believes in fact-driven, evidence-based teaching practices and is fascinated by human interaction's nuances and ever-changing nature.

Sanyulandy Leowalu

Research and Development Officer

Elizabeth Tekanyo is a Training Facilitator at Diversity Focus. With a solid background in anthropology, cross-cultural sexual and reproductive health, and human rights, she is dedicated to achieving social and cultural change. Elizabeth develops and delivers workshops across all training streams.

Elizabeth Tekanyo

Training Facilitator

Shenali Perera is a Training Facilitator and Coach at Diversity Focus. Her areas of expertise include intersectional diversity and inclusion, youth and community engagement and co-design/social service. Shenali uses art as a medium to connect and engage in creative problem solving and learning.

Shenali Perera

Training Facilitator

Ben Hawksworth is a Training Facilitator and Coach at Diversity Focus with a background in youth work and functional training. Ben has worked with at-risk young people for almost two decades with the Department of Child Protection and as an outreach worker on the Northbridge project. Ben has a passion for health, fitness and building strong communities.

Ben Hawksworth

Training Facilitator

Darrell Horrocks is a Training Facilitator and Coach at Diversity Focus. Darrell has worked with corporate and tertiary education providers in information technology. He is fascinated by how technology drives bias and interested in the intersections of artificial and human intelligence. Darrel is passionate about people, gender equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Darrell Horrocks

Training Facilitator

Charlotte Round is a Training Facilitator at Diversity Focus.She values the understanding and the intrinsic advantages a culturally diverse workplace offers from twenty years in the hospitality industry. Her dynamic nature, multicultural background, education and experience allow her to bring a unique and multi-faceted flair to training.

Charlotte Round

Training Facilitator

Tinsae Teshome is a Training Facilitator at Diversity Focus. She has a background in behavioural science and a passion for gaining critical consciousness of contemporary matters to create lasting social change. Tinsae's interests include race relations, community work and combating the stigma in mental health.

Tinsae Teshome

Training Facilitator

Kim Veale is a Training Facilitator and Coach at Diversity Focus. Kim has over twenty years of experience as a trainer, delivering on a range of topics from leadership and business management to financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Kim has volunteered as a mentor with the School for Social Entrepreneurs (Australia) and currently mentors start-ups through the federally funded Boosting Female Founders Initiative.

Kim Veale

Training Facilitator