Enhancing workplace culture through a holistic approach

Our Core Competencies

Using a holistic and research-based framework, we strengthen workplace culture and engage with all aspects of the company, including senior leadership. We believe that inclusive workplace cultures can be enhanced, developed, and sustained with the right approach. We tailor our strategies to address organisational needs identified through research. By building the capacity of senior leaders and staff, we collaborate to create inclusive workplace cultures that foster safety and belonging.

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We capture company-wide diversity metrics and inclusion data through qualitative research that includes a company-wide survey with a comprehensive research option. The comprehensive research package includes individual and small group interviews (focus group discussions) to provide in-depth company-wide data on the state of inclusion and opportunities for engaging staff to improve workplace culture. A comprehensive report of the findings is provided to help inform strategic planning and implementation.


We provide tailored e-Learning courses to engage leaders and staff in the journey to improving workplace culture. Through self-paced online learning, individuals embark on the learning in their own time and at their own pace. e-Learning is interactive and includes individual reflective activities, exercises, and case study scenarios to improve knowledge and skills on a range of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.


Our consulting services focus on organisational policies, procedures, and practices. We review policies and procedures and provide recommendations for improvement to align with global workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Benchmarks. This helps to ensure consistency of company policies that are free of bias and discrimination.


Our Executive Coaching program is designed for senior leaders, aspiring leaders, board members and managers. We provide individual and small group leadership coaching with a focus on developing inclusive leadership mindsets and skills. Using a tailored approach, we work with specific leadership development needs to maximise engagement and learning. By proactively improving the capacity of leaders to create a culture of inclusion, we maximise employee engagement and retention of talent.


We offer a range of tailored professional development workshops for senior leaders and staff. Workshops are interactive and provide an opportunity for discussion, critical reflection, and learning. Topics available include Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion; Cultivating Organisational Culture; Culturally Responsive Leadership; Workplace Anti-Racism and Allyship; Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace; Representative Marketing, Communication and Branding; and Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring.

Our Differentiator

Research leads our approach to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our firm belief in the importance of creating inclusive workplaces drives our best practice approaches. We take a 360 view in identifying your company’s diversity metrics and measure and track the state of inclusion across the entire organisation. This valuable data ensures decisions on diversity, equity, and inclusion and implementation plans meet specific areas of need that maximise engagement and provide the best return on investment (ROI).

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