Scenario – Morning Tea

Imagine the scenario outlined below. Please note this scenario and the characters described have been created as a learning tool for reflection and analysis as part of this E-learning course. It is not intended to reflect any actual persons, living or dead, and any resemblance to any actual persons or situations is purely coincidental.

SCENARIO: Morning Tea

You and some colleagues are gathered together during morning tea time to celebrate a team member’s birthday. People have brought in cake and snacks to share while you enjoy cups of tea and coffee. Towards the end of the gathering as people are preparing to return to their work, you observe that all the men in the room appear to get up and leave without helping clean up. You notice the women in the room are left with this task of clearing the rubbish and packing away the remaining food.

After considering this scenario, have a go at responding to the reflective prompt questions belowWe encourage you to write down your responses (or record in another method of your choice). Writing or recording your experience can help to clarify and consolidate your thoughts and feelings.

  • What do you think this behaviour might suggest about the workplace culture in this setting?
  • What might this suggest to a new recruit who observes this?
  • What might this suggest about whose time or work is valued more?
  • What would be some of the benefits of a situation where everyone offered to help, or at least a mix of different people and different genders stayed to help?