Activity – Word Association

Activity Instructions

Content trigger warning- Before we do this activity, please note that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, and you may experience a range of thoughts and emotions during or following this activity. Please remember self-care if you feel confronted or upset at any point.

This reflective activity is not a “test” and there are no expectations for what you “should” think or how to respond.

  • In the video below, you will see a range of words appear one by one, every 5 seconds.
  • Pay attention to each word as you see it and take note of any imagery and feelings that may come up as well. You won’t have to share your thoughts but please pay attention to them.
  • We want to stress that what is triggered by this activity may or may not be your conscious thoughts.
  • Some of you may think of and visualise specific people that you know in your life upon reading particular words (which is fine). If you do, please also take a moment to reflect on what comes to mind when you think of these words representing whole groups of people. 


Purpose of Activity

The purpose of this exercise is to develop your awareness of any stereotypes you may have been exposed to (such as through characters or stories on television, in books, online or represented in the media, or perspectives shared anecdotally by others in your networks). By being aware of any stereotypes that come to mind, we can begin to question and debunk them.

Some of you may have initial unconscious thoughts that surprise you, which may be overly positive or overly negative or neutral.

Others may already be conscious of what they feel they “should” think or what the “wrong” thoughts are. Again we challenge you to be objective, honest and self-reflective with whatever comes up.

Please note, the featured video must be watched through to completion before you can click the “Complete and Continue” button to progress through to subsequent sections.