Ground Rules, Confidentiality and Transparency

This course was designed with the intention of being a safe learning space that is free from judgement. Your participation in this course is entirely voluntary, however we encourage all staff to participate to establish foundational knowledge across the company. If you decide not to participate or if you withdraw from participating at any time, you will not be penalised. You do not have to complete all three modules in one sitting and can arrange to complete them on work days and times that suit you.

We encourage you to engage fully in the content, videos, reflective questions and exercises, and to be aware of how you are feeling as you progress, being mindful of self-care.

In order to dive deep into reflection and engage, you must feel safe. As such, it is our core commitment as an external provider that your responses to the featured quiz questions will remain anonymous (they are not shared with Liebherr). The course also featured reflective prompt questions for your own consideration. Please note any comment you make using the “comment” feature on this platform will be able to be seen by others taking the course.

Next Steps

In order for you to get the most out of this course you will require the following:

  • A pen or pencil and paper, or other chosen method of recording notes, for you to write down or capture your thoughts and reflections while completing this module
  • A calm and open mind.

Please be aware that in order for this course to be effective, it requires you to be honest with yourself.

With that said, let’s begin!