Hello! Welcome the first blog of our new look website, freshly launched 8th November 2018. Welcome to the first blog post of this new website! I’m super excited to be launching this brand-new website and continuing to share new developments and my personal thoughts on topics cross cutting diversity. My apologies for those who have […]

Thoughts on Cultural Diversity


I was pondering on the notion of what cultural diversity is about, needless to say as someone who works in the cultural diversity training space, this is a question I continue to ask and seek answers to. Of course, the very nature of the question could, for some, imply an inquisitive eagerness to understand what […]

Domestic & Family Violence: A Cross-Cultural Lens


Welcome to my second blog exploring domestic and family violence from a cross-cultural. This post will explore cross-cultural skills are important in addressing issues of domestic and family violence with culturally diverse individuals and groups. In Australia, we use the term culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) or more recently new and emerging communities (NEC) to […]