Weekend Reflections and 50 Ways to Take a Break

This weekend I went to Perth city to take out a relative that had come from Sydney on holiday and came to the start revelation of how I have slowly, without realising, fell victim to the rat race. I don’t remember the last time I took a break! And I mean a real and proper ‘break’. The city has changed so much, from the shopping to new buildings and landscapes that I simply have not been out to see.

We did a little shoe shopping in Perth before walking down to the River. We walked by the beautiful Swan River, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the beautiful scenery of nature meets human creativity. There is the beautiful river, which draws you in as you approach complimented by the architecture of Elizabeth Quay and new, and emerging buildings and skyscrapers. I made a decision then and there that I would make some real changes and shared with my husband this new plan of having one organised activity per month for the whole year, half of which will be family (with our two beautiful kids) and the other half just the two of us, alternating between the two on a monthly basis. I missed how much we went out before we had kids and before one turned into two children. There was a time when we were much better at having leisure activities frequently as a family, when it somehow happened seamlessly. Plans to build our first home have taken a toll on us as a family. Parenting can also be challenging, especially as we both work full time hours and I’m somehow trying to fit study into the mix. I’m really looking forward to winding down at work to just two days research and one day teaching at Curtin Uni in a couple of weeks.

This reminds me of a poster which I share when I deliver training on compassion fatigue at ASeTTS called ’50 ways to take a break’. Funny how I’ve been training on this stuff and have somehow failed to truly incorporate it into my life in an ongoing and consistent manner. Below is the poster. Some are simple things that require no money or effort, just a firm commitment to just make the time to take the break, schedule it into your calendar if you have to, I’ve started doing that for exercise which I have found is working pretty well and will now schedule actual ‘breaks’ as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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