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“Whether persuading international diplomats in the halls of the UN, educating school children in the classroom or consulting with community members in the local meeting room, Elizabeth uses her sophisticated communication skills to get to the heart of issues and build knowledge, understanding and opportunities for positive change. The Refugee Council has worked with Elizabeth in all these settings and have been consistently impressed by Elizabeth’s ability to deal with extremely sensitive issues in a compassionate, thoughtful and positive manner.”

Tim O’Connor
Refugee Council of Australia

“Elizabeth Lang is a passionate human rights activist, feminist, educator, community development practitioner and a professional facilitator. She is making an effort to contribute to the discourse on stopping violence against women including addressing family and domestic violence. She recently facilitated a forum organised by ASeTTS for community facilitators of a community education project (focused on family and domestic violence) to share their learnings with service providers and relevant stakeholders. She was able to effectively facilitate the forum by harnessing the participation of all forum attendees. Her vast knowledge on the subject matter and high level facilitation skills helped to achieve the objectives of the forum.”

Tharanga De Silva
AseTTS Community Development Coordinator